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400 s. peoria street - suite 4116
chicago, il 60607


May I Fall To Pieces & Whacher

By CKOlsen_admin · December 1, 2020

Installed at UIC in the 400 s. Peoria building 5th floor November 30,2020 – December 18th 2020

Two forms stand interconnected by sight. The upper stretches outwards, balanced upon a rising tower of individually stacked wooden blocks, basking in the sunlight while casting long shadows down towards the lower. The lower casts its wide gaze forward, witnessing the entity that rises between itself and the sun. Both breathe subtly as the sun rises and sets, holding their poses through will and intention.

A quick video tour of the UIC install for MAY I FALL TO PIECES and WHACHER


(poplar, birch, pine, twine, 40″h x 120″’w x 2″d)


(poplar, birch, pine, 18″h x 120″’w x 3″d)