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400 s. peoria st. - suite 3112
chicago, il 60607



By CKOlsen_admin · March 1, 2021

WHEN BREATH LEAVES THE BODY is an active installation designed to engage participants in the manifestation of an ice and steel tower that will inevitably collapse. The piece rises over a period of approximately 60-90 minutes, and is best suited to an outdoor staging in 60+ degree weather. Indoor iterations employ an 8’ x 8’ […]



By CKOlsen_admin · December 9, 2020

The below are a selection of recent Performance/Film works devised, directed, written, choreographed, and edited by Chris Olsen. With the exception of Butterfly, all films were also shot and recorded by Chris. Additionally, Chris provided the musical score and recording for Bug.



By CKOlsen_admin · October 6, 2020

400 S. PEORIA – GREAT SPACE INSTALL MAY I FALL TO PIECES (poplar, birch, pine, twine, 40″h x 120″’w x 2″d) WHACHER (poplar, birch, pine, 18″h x 120″’w x 3″d) RESEARCH & OTHER WORK WING (STUDY) Poplar/Pine, 96″ L x 2″ D x 18″ H) LITTLE FREEDOMS (STUDY) Poplar/Pine, 30″ L x 3″ D x […]



By CKOlsen_admin · August 8, 2019

Welcome to the SHOUTBOX podcast! Join me as I explore the vast spectrum of identity through the voices and perspectives of some truly inspiring human beings. Each week I will travel along the frontlines of individuality and the human condition, meet those building pathways towards equality and representation, and examine the complexities of identity, gender, […]



By CKOlsen_admin · July 20, 2017

Back in 2017 I directed a SECOND star studded Brazilian stage show in partnership with Gingarte Capoiera, again featuring Dill Costa, but adding in Chicago Samba, music direction and performances from Moacyr Marchini, Narration from Amani Conley, and dozens of dancers, musicians, and capoeira performers from all over the world! The show played to a […]


Second Stories – Part 1

By CKOlsen_admin · April 7, 2015

I first met Natalie back in the early days of my time working with Thodos Dance Chicago. She’s a spitfire from New York, and despite the fact she’s a full foot shorter than me, you’d never know it from how big and badass she moves on the marley. Do you ever get the urge to […]


Madzilla-Beneath The Scales

By CKOlsen_admin · August 28, 2014

Back in the summer of 2014 I was invited to partner with Mo Wagdy, Jonathan Becker, and a 60+ volunteer crew of Chicago filmmakers to help bring to life a Make-A-Wish Project for a 5 year old boy with Leukemia, who dreamed of starring in his very own Godzilla style film. On Thursday August 28th nearly a […]